KC’s Fitness in Orchard Park is now open!

We are in full compliance with CDC guidelines and have taken every measure to ensure your safety. As always, your health and well-being is KC’s top priority and during this pandemic, we’ve adapted our gym to continue our commitment to our members.

  • We have instituted a PODS approach, limiting the number of members per class, and assigning members to a particular time slot (POD) to minimize social exposure. 

  • We will not be using focus mitts in order to maintain a safe distance from one another

  • There will be one member per heavy bag

  • We have measured out 10 feet of space between workout stations

  • Classes are conducted outside as often as possible

  • We will continue online sessions for those who feel more comfortable in the privacy of their own home

Saying Goodbye to Buffalo

Sadly, our Buffalo location must close its doors after over twenty eight years of serving the Buffalo community. This decision was not taken lightly. The operational challenges of remaining viable as a business in Buffalo during this pandemic were simply beyond our ability to weather. 


We invite our Buffalo members to consider staying with us and venturing twenty minutes south to what has become a remarkable place in Orchard Park. The community of members in OP possess the same unique spirit that infused Buffalo, making the transition natural and seamless.