Physical Benefits

There's no better training than boxing. Just ask any of the thousands of athletes from local high schools, colleges, and professional ranks who have trained at KC's. Young athletes get into the best condition of their lives with improvements in strength, endurance, balance, and hand/eye coordination.

Youth Boxing (11-21 years)

Boxing & Martial Arts Training


Challenge your mind and body with a training routine that requires the concentration of rock climbing, the stamina of cross fit, the emphasis of form in tennis, and the agile footwork of dancing. Develop the power of a weightlifter and the dexterity of a dancer at the same time.

Learn the science of shadow boxing and training on the heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope and focus mitts. Round out your workout with a combination of exercises that strengthen and tone your abdominals, legs, back and other areas. In all, your workout will last 50 minutes but the knowledge will last a lifetime.

Psychological & Emotional Benefits


When young boxers commit to our training program and acquire a level of expertise, their sense of accomplishment and personal growth is obvious. At KC's, our boxers find confidence, self esteem, self control, patience, focus, resiliency, and community. And these traits carry far beyond our walls. Our pursuit of excellence requires the proper mindset, which is essential for success in boxing and all sports. You can't execute when you're not focused or emotionally present, so we teach our boxers to control their impulses and behaviors so that they can become the greatest versions of themselves.

Community Benefits


Boxing is traditionally an individual sport, but we take the team approach. The partnered practice at KC's demands that we invest in each other’s growth, which creates a greater connection between the participants. Coach Michael often refers to this as “covering down on your buddy.” We're invested in the success of the person next to us. This has been our philosophy for twenty nine years and our athletes find that the culture of KC’s allows them to be part of something bigger than themselves.