Let us introduce ourselves...

Coach Michael

Michael has been coaching and training at KC’s for over five years. He brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to all of his classes and his work ethic is only surpassed by his love for the people at this gym. He’s a highly decorated soldier and it’s his experiences overseas that shaped his ethos of love and excellence. Every day matters, and everyone who trains at KC’s matters. Whether a competitive boxer, or just trying to get fit, Michael wants everyone to invest not only in their own successes, but in the success of the person next to them. Michael often says, “It’s not about me; it’s about we.”

Coach Sarah

Sarah has been boxing for over seven years and has sparred with highly competitive amateur and pro boxers. Her classes can be quite challenging, but her focus is geared towards members understanding and mastering the basics. The emphasis in her classes is to provide a safe and rewarding experience for her students. As in her own training, Sarah strives to instill in people the idea to build upon a strong foundation and to stay grounded in the fundamentals.

Coach Kevin

Kevin has been involved in the fitness industry since 1986 and established KC’s Fitness in 1992 after completing graduate school at SUNY Buffalo. Over the last 38 years, Kevin has done extensive training in several martial arts, including western boxing, and is a blackbelt in Aikido-No-Kokryu. In addition to his work in the fitness industry, Kevin has cross-trained a number of local professional, college, and high school athletes. Most of his work with athletes has centered on the use of martial arts as a cross-training modality.