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Classes practice striking techniques & movements from the martial arts.  Heavy bags, speed bags, jump ropes, focus mitts, and other exercises teach students about posture, breathing and movement. The training offers participants great fitness and an enhanced understanding of self defense.


Protective wraps and gloves are used to keep everyone safe.

Little Boxers (11-14 years)

Our program introduces young people (11 years to 14 years) to the basics of striking. All our training is challenging and safe with an emphasis on the heavy bag, focus mitts, jump roping and calisthenics.


Students come away with more than just great physical conditioning and some self defense. They are immersed in a supportive environment that emphasizes commitment to the community. Boxing may be an individual sport, but we teach that we can do no great things alone. Coaches and students work to improve not just themselves, but each other. Anyone can teach a young athlete to move from point A to point B, but for thirty years we’ve succeeded at creating an environment that inspires students to want to move.

Youth Boxing (15-21 years)

In a world of tiktok, Snapchat, texting, and online gaming, kids are losing the opportunity to socialize and communicate face to face with peers. 


The youth classes provide a safe, fun, and energetic environment. Kids are part of a community where there’s no competition, no judgement, no popularity contests, and no stress.


Enhanced cardiovascular endurance and strength come quickly as students learn how to throw combination punches into focus mitts and heavy bags. Classes also combine jumping rope, shadow boxing, throwing medicine balls and calisthenics inspired by martial art disciplines.


Kids are able to be themselves, share experiences, help one another, and experience trust and friendship with other kids and instructors.