For the past six years, KC’s Fitness of Orchard Park has been a no nonsense, unassuming gym that offers its members a supportive atmosphere where they can achieve personal milestones and goals. Located at 273 Thorn Avenue, KC’s has become a place of community and transformation. It’s a place of safety, security, hard work, encouragement, and non-judgement. 
Inside KC’s Fitness, you can find the usual heavy bags and kettlebells, but what’s unusual is the mindset and thoughtfulness of its members. Members connect with each other and become invested in each other’s growth and wellness. KC’s is just as much a family as it is a gym.
At KC’s there are no salespeople. No contracts. No juice bar. No mirrors. There are, however, members of all ages, size, and ability. It’s a place of excellent boxing and martial arts based classes, and outstanding personal training sessions. 
Come visit KC’s Fitness and see what we're all about. Take a seat and watch a class, or try it for yourself. You’ll find that KC’s is much more than a place to learn some self defense and burn calories. It’s a community that offers motivation, support, and inspiration so we can become the greatest version of ourselves.

This is a short documentary created by Canisius College that aired on PBS. The documentary focuses on our work teaching boxing, martial arts, and life lessons to young people on Buffalo's Westside, and at our Orchard Park location. KC's Fitness has taught thousands of young people over the last twenty-nine years. Please share it with anyone who may find value from training with us.